Transportation: T1 Tram that runs from La Part Dieu to Feyssine-Einstein (tickets are approximatley 2euros per trip and can be purchased at tram stop....validate your ticket when you get on the tram with the little machine). The Lyon subway also has stops very close to the trams.


Transportation: This is a typical tram stop. Tickets may also be purchased at the machine in the photo.



Transportation: Cash or "chip-based" credit card can be used to purchase tram/subway tickets. The machine offers instructions in English (just use the scoll bar that is below the window (not shown in the photo). These machines will not use US-based, non-chip, credit cards.


If you fly directly to Lyon, you can use the Rhone Express (see the signs in airport to ride into the city.... get off at the Gare de La Part Dieu stop. Further travel information will be provided prior to your departure.

Campus housing: Here is an example of one of the residence halls. Some halls offer wireless internet; others will require a computer cable (bring one).




Campus housing: Here is an example of a student room (twin bed, sheets provided, small refrigerator, private bathroom-shower, sink, toilet are located in the room; laundry facilities are downstairs. There is a cooking area/small microwave on the hall.







There is a beautiful city park close to the campus (Parc de la Tet d'Or....which means park of the golden head). Located in the park are a number of small ponds and a city zoo....check out the giraffes!)





It is possible to rent bicycles from various locations around the city for 30 minutes (intervals). For about 5 euros per week, you can purchase an access code which allows you to use bicycles for 30-min with no additional charge for the week. Beyond thirty minutes, you will be charge a rate of approximately 1 euro per hour. This is a nice way to get around (other than the tram/subway).




Don't pick one with a flat tire.....though you can immediately return it and take out another one. Be sure to return the bike to the locked stand on time though! You can also lock it with a chain provided in the basket if you need to make a short stop....otherwise just return it and take pull out another one when ready to leave




The Carrefour Market is just a small walk from the student residence hall. It is your typical grocery market place. They accept cash or credit card. Be sure to bring your passport if you use a credit card since the teller may ask for it. A pharmacy is adjacent to it. Inside the Carrefour Market place.....note: they are not open on Sundays like many shop/stores in France. However, be sure that you have food for the weekend or you can eat out in the local restaurants! The Double Mixte has a number of small cafes that students can use to have lunch. It is located with 5 minutes walk of the science building. It is also approximately 5 in from campus housing. A number of restaurants/pizzerias/sandwich shops are located near the dorm.
Learning excursion: We will also be visiting CERN Scientific Facility in Geneva Switzerland.....tell your friends you are going to see the Hadron Super Collider. It's an AMAZING trip. Lab coats and safety goggles will be provided. Lab reports will be submitted electronically. Be sure to bring a lap-top. There is wireless internet in the science building. Classes are completed in six-weeks (similar to other summer chemistry programs in the US). Be sure to stay on top of the assignments. Course materials will be posted on t-square; exams will be given in class. Students really enjoy the small class size!!
There are lots of places to see in Lyon and in surrounding cities/countries. Shown here the beautful fountain in the city square at Hotel DeVille (a government building in Lyon....not an actual hotel) is on the island between the two rivers in the city.

Cultural excursion: We will be visiting the local wine region close to Lyon and having lunch while there... this is a French tradition. Lyon is known for its science but also the excellent cuisine!


Learning excursion: In 2012, students visited the Pasteur Institute in Paris and had the opportunity to meet scientists and visit the original home and crypt of Louis Pasteur.


Emily and TJ-just spending time in the lab....waiting for the reaction to run to completion. The lab will be staffed with graduate teaching assistants and faculty. All participants receive safety training prior to the start of lab. A Nice Group photo. The average temperature is 76-80 degree Fahrenheit. There is air-conditioning at the science building (however, many European buildings and the campus housing does not use A/C). You can obtain a fan if you needed.

Ready to go? Shown here are the 2012 students at the Vieux (old city part of Lyon) sitting on excavated Roman ruins.